Why Meaningful Work Automatically Attracts an Audience: Interview with Mark Frauenfelder

Jeff Goins interviewed me for his podcast. Check it out here.

This week on The Portfolio Life, our guest is a modern day polymath, and basically created the Internet as we know it today (at least in my book). He’s been involved in magazine publishing since the 80’s, served as the Editor in Chief of Wired.com, started a podcast network, unknowingly cofounded the Maker movement, and designed a Billy Idol album cover.

Listen in as Mark Frauenfelder and I discuss the theme of his creative pursuits, why he doesn’t work on anything that doesn’t pique a personal interest, and how he came to write a how-to book on card tricks.

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Show highlights

In this episode, Mark and I discuss:

  • Starting a print ‘zine in the 80s

  • Getting recruited by Wired

  • Taking a ‘zine digital in the 90s

  • How his editor thought blogs weren’t going to be viable

  • Identifying the common thread through diverse experiences and interests

  • Avoiding being a jack-of-all-trades while embracing opportunities to explore

  • Dealing with the tension between daily life and a creative career

  • The origins of the Maker movement

  • Why some comics are unreadable

  • What artistic style he subscribes to

Quotes and takeaways

  • “Make sure you give yourself time to do deep work.” –Mark Frauenfelder

  • Pursue work that is personally meaningful to you and an audience.

  • Embrace new ideas you enjoy, but stay grounded to a common theme.